2016 Makahiki Tournament

The Makahiki Tournament Status for 2017

The Makahiki Tournament has not been held for the past two years. With a renewal in interest, we are planning to run it late this year in 2017 in the Holiday Season. With Christmas Day falling on a weekend day it has been tough to get needed support and participation to make this Sportsmanship Tournament happen. We believe with a renewal of volunteers and interest an appropriate set of dates can be found. The Makahiki Season is the Hawaiian time of the year to plant new crops. This falls in the last couple months of the year. We will be considering the Thanksgiving Holidays as well as the Christmas Break Days to hold this event. The dates being considered are: Nov 24, 25, 26 Friday – Sunday and Dec 22-24 or Dec 29-31. It has been mentioned by SECTION that the Thanksgiving Holiday may be a preferable day for non-competitive Sportsmanship teams to play. Their Fall Season will have just finished and the competitive players will be interested in competing in other tournaments.

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